The Ladies Community
The Ladies Community
Vanessa Ortali

Welcome to The Ladies Community

TLC is the power source connecting leaders to themselves and others, personally and professionally.

Do You Ever...

✨ Sit there knowing you were meant for MORE? Seeking CLARITY, PURPOSE or MOTIVATION?

✨ Think you are "missing something" or "behind" in life, feeling like you should be HAPPIER and more SUCCESSFUL?

✨ Feel STUCK and wonder how you got here? Knowing that you have so much more to GIVE and DO in this world?

✨ Feel like you are doing life alone and know you need a better community and support system, to help you reach your full POTENTIAL?

✨ Long for MEANINGFUL relationships? Picture yourself surrounded by the most amazing, uplifting, supportive, smart and fun group of women?

✨ Need support mastering your MIND, CAREER & NETWORK? Helping you reach financial and internal FREEDOM?

✨ Wish you could find a community that improved all areas of your life? GROWING with you as you evolve PERSONALLY and PROFESSIONALLY ?

I did too!!! That is how The Ladies Community was created!

Are you ready for connection??
The Ladies Community VIP Membership was built for YOU! Because I am YOU!

TLC started completely by accident, when I found myself creating a very different life from all of my friends and family. I knew there had to be another way, as I felt exhausted and alone on my pursuit for happiness, inner peace and financial freedom. I longed for a community of uplifting women that could support one another, grow together and be happy for one another's success!

Can you relate?

It's not your fault! We are conditioned to ACT, THINK and SHOW UP in a specific way, that makes everyone else feel "SAFE" around us.

And... Women aren't taught how to actually be "FRIENDS" with one another.  

You are NOT alone! You are made for MORE and we are going to help you get there, personally and professionally.

This is your fast track to ABUNDANCE!

About Me

I'm Vanessa! Speaker, coach and founder of Heart & Mind Talks, and The Ladies Community ("TLC").

My passion is to connect people with themselves and others through online and in person events and resources. Join me as I help you master your business, mindset, network and community. 

Thank you for being here! xo

Why TLC?

I know there are many communities that you could join, so why TLC?

❤️ We believe in creating a GLOBAL, UPLIFTING community, of GROWTH minded women.

❤️ We believe that change starts with SELF. As we become our best selves, we have the power to create a ripple effect of LOVE and PEACE in the world. 

❤️ We believe in changing what it means to be friends with one another, creating an environment that helps us to ALL reach our full POTENTIAL.

❤️ We believe in ACCEPTING you for who you are and where you are at - no judgement.

❤️ We believe you are so much more than just your career or relationship status. It's important for us to provide programming that TRANSFORMS all areas of your life (personally and professionally). Giving you practical tools and techniques that you can implement today to see immediate results. 

❤️ We believe in going DEEP. Going against our human programming, in order to find HAPPINESS.

❤️ We believe there is no right answer for ALL, but a right answer for YOU, right now, and we want to help you find that. 

❤️We believe in initiating conversations that change the way we see the world, opening us up to new POSSIBILITIES.

You're always welcome here with open arms, and I hope that you always feel the LOVE!

Push past the doubt and make a commitment to your future self—by becoming a TLC member!

I believe in YOU!

Big Thanks

I'm SO freaking happy to have you here! Thank you for everything you contribute to our dynamic community of incredible women!

Sending you so much love! xoxo